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Tips for Your Baby Shower with Fremantle Packaging

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If you are planning to host a more environmental friendly baby shower follow our tips.

Welcoming future babies with a brighter future and a cleaner planet…did you know that by 2050 it is predicted there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish? With Fremantle Packaging, you can create a world of difference by making the right packaging choices.


Start with eco-friendly disposable food packaging

To organize a clean and green party, Fremantle Packaging offers a number of items. You can choose coloured cups, cutlery, napkins, plates and bowls, table covers and even cocktail parasols and toothpicks. You can choose any colour of your choice. And the best part is according to the theme of your party you can get these items custom printed. From design to delivery they will work with you to create the design of your dreams.

Send a unique invite

Email is the most environmental friendly way to send out invites. To spread the word it is an affective and easy way. And to keep track of replies also it is easy. If you are very particular that you must send physical invites then you can opt for a seeded card that when planted composts. You can reduce paper waste this way. Isn’t that a fantastic idea? And your guests will have a beautiful memory of the event.

Give eco gifts

Use recyclable paper if you are giving out return gifts. You can also use newspapers. You can even encourage guests to buy organic gifts like wood toys and organic clothing.

Decorate more environmentally friendly

Keep away from all plastic decorations, use real flowers instead.

Cook delicious fresh food

We have already done away with plastic tableware. And while preparing the delicacies to be served at the party use as much organic produce as possible. Serve less milk, cheese and meat. Include more locally produced vegetable and seasonal fruits.

Make memories

A fun game is to ask your guests to bring their baby photos. That will be really entertaining and a conversation starter. You can ask them to place all the photos on a table and match each guest with the right baby photo. It would be an ice-breaker and quite a fun game. You can even ask each guest to share a memorable story from their childhood. This way you can make your eco-friendly baby shower special for each and every guest.

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