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How to Make Your Wedding Day Green?

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Do you think it’s too much leg work to plan a green wedding? Think again. You can do it without compromising on your style and budget. Here is our guide:

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The Reception Venue

For any event choosing the venue is the first major step. To cut down on energy one of the biggest ways is to get married outdoors where the lighting will be provided by the sun. You can opt for a vineyard or farm. You will find many beautiful barns, botanical gardens, with all kinds of modern amenities.

If you want it indoors, there are several options to go green. You can cut back on fuel emissions if you organize the wedding and reception in one place. You can also host a daytime wedding to bring down the power bills. Or you can opt for a venue with plenty of sunlight.


You don’t have to sacrifice taste by going green. It’s now more accessible than ever to source healthy, thanks to the rising popularity of farm-to-table movement. But you will have to spend a lot more on organic food. One way to reduce cost is to source locally-grown produce. You can ask the caterer to source the freshest finds. To use locally-sourced ingredients for the cake you can also work with a neighbourhood baker. When you source locally food needs less time in the fridge and it will stay fresh with less packaging. And less fuel is needed to transport it since the food is coming from a shorter distance.

The Stationery

To make paper products millions of trees are cut every year. And the environment is polluted during the production of these items. You can opt for eco-conscious invite choices. For instance, snail mail to invite guests is one option. The inserts in your invitation can also be reduced. You can opt for vegetable-based inks and recycled paper products. Plantable paper products are also available.

The flowers

Not all flowers are organic. To keep insects at bay some farms use chemicals. This will affect the organic matter in soil, and when exposed to these chemicals the workers who handle them fall sick. Look for companies that produce blooms by using sustainable methods. To source the freshest you can ask your florist about local and in-season flowers. You can also opt for potted blooms so that you can take them home and replant them after the wedding.

The favors

Look for plantable favors like potted succulents or herbs, or saplings for an eco-friendly wedding. If you think your guests won’t appreciate packing a pot of soil in the suitcase, especially when they are travelling a long distance, you can consider biodegradable seed packets. You can even give something edible like chocolate bars, signature coffee beans, jams in glass jars, etc.

The wedding dress

Re-wearing your mother’s gown is a good option for an eco-friendly wedding. If you don’t like the style, or if it doesn’t fit you, get the help of a seamstress. You can also buy vintage gowns or rent gowns that are pre-worn. If you want a brand-new wedding gown, look for a designer who uses sustainable clothing.

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