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How to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly?

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With the most minimal efforts you can make your home eco-friendly. Here are some tips for a green home makeover.

Rethink wood furniture:

Look for certified sustainably harvested options when buying new wood furniture. An eco-friendly option is to go for reclaimed wood. Instead of purchasing new you can also opt for vintage pieces. Look for something that is durable and well made.


Check the tags:

There is a general notion that natural fibers are more eco-friendly than synthetic. But a lot of pesticides go into the production of cotton making it not at all environment friendly. Buy organic cotton fabrics as they are grown without the use of pesticides. Some of the most eco-friendly natural fibers are hemp and linen. Recycled polyester is another green option when buying synthetics.

Eco-friendly plastic and paper bags and disposable containers:

Buy bags that are made using biodegradable paper or plastic. Also, start using more cloth towels instead of paper towels. When there is a party or even for day-to-day use bring home eco-friendly disposable containers. From baking paper to wipe rolls and toilet tissue, you will find eco-friendly packaging products online. So just look for it.

Be a light saver:

Compared to incandescent bulbs LEDs are better for the environment. But LEDs give off a blue-based, cool light, rather than the warm lighting that we get from incandescent. So look for LED bulbs that emit a yellow-based light to get the cozy glow.

Get scrappy:

Don’t just throw away supplies but start making use of leftover odds and ends. Before you head to the craft store rummage through the bin. Consider donating usable, leftover materials.

Do a green clean:

Most cleaning supplies are made using chemicals. Stock up natural alternatives and get rid of those that are loaded with chemicals. For most day-to-day cleaning tasks, in place of caustic chemicals, natural products like citric acid from citrus fruits, vinegar, and bicarbonate of soda can be used to great effect.

Clear the air:

To improve air quality in your home investing in an air purifier is a great way but a better idea is to choose houseplants that will do the job for you. Just browse the internet and you will find a number of such plants that are easy to maintain as well.

Pick a better paint:

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present in most wall paints. You will get headaches when you inhale compounds that are created when VOCs combine with other molecules in the air. And this will be in the atmosphere for years after the paint dries. To avoid this, look for paints without VOC.

Save water:

‘Sustainability’ is not just about energy consumption but it also involves water consumption as well. You need to save water to go green. Firstly, check for any leaks. You also need to make small changes in your lifestyle. For instance, don’t run the tap when you shave or brush your teeth. Also, install a shower-head that is low-flow.

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