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5 Cost Saving Packaging Tips For Cafes & Restaurants

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If you are in the food business and are looking for effective ways to package your food, while saving costs, reducing waste, improving quality, efficiency and profitability, then we have just the right tips for you.


If you run a cafe or a restaurant and your corporate sustainability goals include reducing waste, decreasing transportation costs, reducing warehousing costs, and lowering your carbon footprint, Fremantle food packaging can help you achieve these while showing your customers that you care about our environment.

Choose eco-friendly disposable packaging for improved revenues

Eco-friendly packaging can help you save money by not actually saving money, but by bringing you more revenue from your customers who increasingly prefer food that comes in sustainable packaging. To reduce the amount of waste that goes into your delivery service, Fremantle Packaging offers a wide range of eco-friendly disposable takeaway containers. Hot or cold, you can choose from our paper containers, cardboard pizza boxes, cakes and cupcake containers, paper bags, and disposable takeaway cups. Fremantle’s eco-range products are made from plants, sugarcane, corn and trees, using no chemicals or unsustainable products.

Customers today prefer to buy products from a company that has implemented socially responsible policies, like eco-friendly packaging.

Choose leaner packaging to save space, materials, and money

As a food business owner, lightweight packaging couldn’t be a new idea for you. Leaner packaging saves warehouse costs, transportation costs, and reduces packaging waste disposal. Fremantle Packaging offers a variety of superior quality lightweight food packaging options. These products are designed to reduce waste, prevent food spoilage, reducing transportation and storage costs.

Choose sustainable food packaging to improve your bottom line

Eco-friendly food packaging not only brings in cost savings in storage, transportation, and wastage, but it also brings in more customers. Sustainable food packaging has a huge impact on the purchasing decisions of consumers. Focus on implementing smarter, more sustainable food packaging to meet the demand for sustainable packaging in the food industry.

Use subscription services for regular takeaways

Subscription services for regular takeaways can work just as good as disposable options. The only difference is that you can use reusable materials like glass and stainless steel containers for delivery. This way you can have your customer return the containers back to you regularly, while you can replace it with new containers of fresh food for a standard monthly fee depending on the plans and preferences of your customers.

Allow customers to bring in their own containers

This sounds like the simplest and the easiest way by far. You can encourage customers that are on regular commute through your restaurant to bring their own containers. You can offer a small discount for this, just to keep them on track with your goals. This way, you can reduce a considerable amount of money that you would spend in stocking your inventory with expensive, conventional food packaging materials.

Try implementing these tips in your food packaging strategy to cut costs and increase revenue, while growing your business to another level.

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