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4 Advantages of Eco-friendly Packaging

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Why you should choose sustainable packaging

Going green is the order of the day, and many companies are moving towards biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly methods of packaging their products.

If you’re an environmentalist who likes the idea of all things returning to their natural form, then you will enjoy embracing the wave of eco-friendly paper packaging. Business owners who regularly stock up on packaging, often don’t think too much about where the bags go to after they are carted out the door with consumers. Granted, that’s not the topic at hand, but what we can think about is how to negate the potential to create more litter, which is where sustainable packaging comes in.

Here are five great advantages of using eco-friendly paper packaging:


Green packaging is relatively cheaper than the non-green versions as they are designed to be smaller and fit the actual product they are carrying. So there is no need to use a 1-litre bag for an apple and yogurt. Small paper bags allow for savings on excess packaging and they’re perfect for space saving. All of these factors combined have proved to be cost-effective solution for business owners.

Customer drawcard

If you’re recognised as a business that cares about the environment, you are bound to attract like-minded consumers. Sustainable products such as paper bags have overtaken the packaging industry and embraced by many because customers are going green. A small, but impactful, business statement to make.


Paper packaging breaks down easily and given the lack of chemical compounds used in the manufacturing of these bags, there is no threat to the environment. The principle behind biodegradable products is that the raw materials effectively return to their natural state. Eco-paper bags can also be used as a compostable ingredient; it can be turned into a nutrient-rich material that adds to the environment.

Reduces the carbon footprint

Using raw materials that come straight from Mother Nature means less use of carbon-loaded chemicals that can kill the environment. Less energy output for maximum (eventual) energy input. Paper bags require less energy to produce and even less to break down. The amount of energy required to get rid of waste in landfills is insurmountable when compared to paper bags that are used to feed the eco-system.


Consider eco-friendly paper packaging that will add value to the environment, and your business. It’s all about working together – a symbiotic relationship of sorts. Your company can’t do without the packaging and the sustainable solution allows you to carry out business while helping the environment.

Go green today. Contact Fremantle Packaging for eco-friendly paper packaging solutions that are designed to help the environment, and your business.

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