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10 Ways to Encourage Environmental Consciousness To Your Office Peers

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To reduce their impact on the environment more and more companies across business industries are taking various commitments. For instance, in an effort to reduce plastic waste some of the multinational firms have issued statements pledging the elimination of plastic straws.

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It is also good for their business to project an environmental friendly image. To companies with a proven record of social responsibility, consumers are more inclined to lend their support, invest in their services and buy their products. Brands and companies with a history of sustainability have shown revenue growth, thanks to the support from consumers, according to research.

You can also encourage environmental consciousness among your office peers. Follow these 10 examples of sustainable initiatives.

1. Put into practice a recycling program

You can take the initiative to establish a recycling program within your office. Through clear signage provide education on responsible waste disposal from the kitchen area to your workspaces. This will help your peers to distinguish what items belong to the trash bin, compost and recycling. You can also take the initiative to donate old computer parts and other items to support the ethical recycling of electronics to any local organisation.

2. Save energy within the office

To save your company a significant amount of money on electricity bill and conserve energy switch off electronic equipment and turn off the lights around the office during off-hours. You can make a start by giving suggestions and then making it into a policy so that your peers will also follow suit.

3. Promote a paperless office

To become more efficient, streamlined, green and collaborative, cloud and digital computing solutions have enabled companies. You can suggest eco-conservative alternatives for coordinating work projects and to handle workforce management.

4. Support green vendors

Choose companies and brands that are green-friendly to do business with. To learn more about their sustainability efforts conduct research into vendors.

5. Reduce by reusing

Instead of using disposable coffee cups encourage your peers to use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs. You can even offer stainless steel water bottles and travel mugs to promote this initiative in office.

6. Invest in office plants

To uplift the overall atmosphere of your workplace and beautify your workspaces place plants around the office. Harmful pollutants can be removed and oxygen levels can be boosted using indoor greenery.

7. Conserve human energy

For the healthy habits of your organization, the wellbeing of your peers is crucial. Mindfulness is just as important. Your company’s overall productivity will be increased if all your peers are energetic and healthy. By creating a non-toxic environment you can keep your team energized and happy. For a start why not opt for organic vegetables and fruits?

8. Encourage sustainable transportation

During the work week encourage your team members to take alternative modes of transportation. If work from home is an option you can encourage your team members to opt for it as it will cut down commute time and fuel.

9. Get outside and volunteer

To support something meaningful cause-driven volunteer programs are an excellent way. Encourage your company to take part in conservation campaigns and green causes.

10. Think Green

Try and get peers involved and engaged in your environmental vision. To gather ideas discuss with them and collaborate. Together, come up with green missions and goals for the company.

You and your peers will be more driven to work and more satisfied if you encourage and initiate environmentally conscious practices in the workplace. Moreover, your organization will be leaving a lasting impression of environmental impact for future generations to imbibe.

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